About Us

SIT is an abbreviation of our main focus “Simplified IT” and therefore making complicated things simpler. Our present day is characterized by on-growing quantity of data, tools for their processing and assessing, backing-up and saving it. But your main goal is not to focus on IT and follow its rapid development and invest more of your precious time and energy. You still need to keep improving yourself in your own filed and be sure that your data is safe.

We have a team of thirty specialists qualified to design and deliver the most complex IT solutions. For you as a client, IT certification of suppliers is truly important. Getting this certification requires to fulfill specific quantity of conditions related to a number of specialists or to a turnabout of a company. What it means for you is certainty that you cooperate with true experts and a stable partner.

Our main priority is always two things – security of your data and simplicity of your solutions. Our job doesn’t just end with creation of your solution and its delivery. We will help you to train your staff or – if you wish – will teach you how to administrate your own IT system.