Policy of quality


POLICY of QUALITY  2018-2020



 The name of our company SIT is the abbreviation of our "Simplified IT" mainstream, therefore the continuous simplification of the complex. Our present moment is characterized by an ever increasing number of data, tools for their processing and evaluation, and the consequent need for preserving a large number of important data in each organization.


Our strategy and mission is to take over the concerns of our customers about the constantly evolving IT environment and worry about managing their data so that they can pursue their business processes while enjoying the peace and confidence that their data will be safe.

Our main priority is always two goals - the safety of our customers' data, and the user-friendliness and innovation of the solutions provided.

Management of the company Síť, spol. s r.o. is aware of the importance of quality and quality work done in IT and technology solutions. In formulating this quality policy, we build on the established context and build on our company's strategy. At the same time, this policy provides a framework that builds on quality objectives.

A prerequisite for the implementation of this policy is the functioning quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard based mainly on the following principles:

  • Customer focus (satisfaction of their needs and expectations) is built on mutual support and respect, open communication with immediate feedback

  • Promoting and implementing new ideas and practices based on the "best experience" in the operating conditions of our customers
  • Creating such forms of cooperation to be successful and cooperating only with the best and best partners and suppliers
  • The quality of our services and products is based on a system approach to all processes in the company
  • Ensuring adequate protection of the information, know-how and assets of our partners and customers in accordance with applicable legislation, contractual requirements, international standards and our internal regulations
  • Reducing the level of risk in all our areas to an acceptable level by regularly evaluating risks and opportunities according to a documented methodology that guarantees the repeatability and reproducibility of results
  • We place emphasis on reducing operating costs, adhering to ethical business principles and generating a reasonable profit for our owners
  • Teamwork and mutual co-operation are basic conditions for achieving business goals
  • Establishing fair relationships with employees as we realize that the company's performance and reputation are determined by the quality and loyalty of its employees
  • Creating working conditions so that each employee feels satisfied with their work, their job evaluation and their position in the collective of the company
  • Increasing the professional level of knowledge of our employees and their awareness of their contribution to the efficiency of the quality management system and increasing its performance
  • Running and improving our management system on the basis of international standards, compliance with legal and other regulations, as well as fulfillment of all contractual obligations of our customers.

Employees working for our Company or for the benefit of the Company are considered to be the most important factor underlying our success

The company's management has approved this policy and is committed to adhering to this policy and regularly reviewing its suitability and timeliness.


In Ostrava, 10th February 2017


Ing. Alena Sandriová
Ing. Alena Sandriová
Představitel managementu pro kvalitu
Ing. Radek Soušek, CSc.
Ing. Radek Soušek, CSc.

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