SIT’s point of view on security of the whole Simplified IT

Data security is nowadays one the top priorities. Some manufactures think that the reason for increasing data invasion is more frequent online activities of clients. On the other hand, we think that the main reason is deteriorating situation connected with worldwide cybercrime.

It is important for our clients to state during the planning phase where their data will be geographically stored, how and with what kind of cipher will be used to transfer it and who and when will have access to it.

Besides setting individual user policies, date categorization, ciphering at all levels and analyses of logs of all devices, we also focus on security matters DR, time of back up restores and other time-security aspects that can be potentially critical for the company.

In financial institution, we also help with implementation of tasks that can be assigned for example by Czech National Bank or we do the analysis of security risks.

All preformation steps are of course based on NBU and on Law of cybernetic security.