HPC aka „High Performance Computing“

Speed in necessary for good business! Possibility to transfer some activities in automotive engineering to virtual reality lowers costs. Same rule applies to other areas as well. Faster the launching to the market is essential for profit and uniqueness. HPC environment (High Performance Computing) has become very important tool for research and guarantees competitiveness to state sphere in our global world. SIT supplies environment needed for solving scientific and technical issues through computer simulations. This technology enables realization of significant decisions, develops innovation or products, quickens research and development and therefore is their owner very beneficial.

Computation cluster is a kind of computer cluster that is designed to solve complicated mathematical tasks as for example rendering of film scenes, mathematical and physical calculations, crash tests etc. For enhancing computational performance, more interconnected computers are used. The calculation is than realized by their parallelization that enables to divide solutions of many independent tasks for example factorization to prime numbers, simulation of weather forecast, analysis of large bulk of data, mathematical and physical calculations, medicine, data storages, transition processing and other similar activities in our virtual Simplified IT world.